Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Finished Quilt: S’s Optical Illusion

The Assistant asked for quilts for her friends for Christmas.  One, Oddments, has been finished for a while, but I didn’t realize there was a second needed.  I asked for favorite colors, and the answers were ambiguous, so I had free reign on design, etc.  It occurred to me that I wanted to try an optical illusion again, only larger and with less contrast.

Finding the blue that was the same shade as the red was challenging, resulting in three different attempts.  This quilt required four panels of strips.  I cut all the strips right away to be sure I had enough of each fabric.
Cutting the first set of strips is always nerve-wracking, but it went well.

Once the first set of strips was sewn together, I was pleased that the colors worked 
I’ve developed quite the callouses from the basting this time around.

Quilting was 1/4 the amount I did on Jack in the Box.  It’s only quilted in one direction on the red, instead of both directions on both colors.  Less quilting means it took me less than a day to quilt it.

It looks small in the picture, but my two tallest kids have it hanging off the deck.  I’m almost sad to give it away, but I suspect I’m not done with optical illusions yet.  I learned even more from this one.

from the room of Zana’s Ninis, katie z.


Monday, December 5, 2022

Finished Quilt: Triangles

I finished another quilt based on music and album photography.  
I would say the fabric didn’t work for the concept; quite light colors, almost white but with a hint of color, are hard for me to find.
In the end, it’s a lovely lap quilt, finishing at roughly 45”x60”.  I’m a fan.

from the room of Zana’s Ninis, katie z.


Sunday, December 4, 2022

Stash Report Week #48 and 15 Minutes

 While there were no large finishes this week, I did purge my stash a little and finished my current bojagi project.

IN this week: 0 yards
OUT this week: 4 3/4 yards

IN YTD: 105 yards
OUT YTD: 203 1/4 yards
YTD Total: 98 1/4 yards OUT

Unfortunately for hand stitching, I ignored it half the week.  I find when I have an easy goal, it becomes a little too easy to set aside the hand stitching.  So while I finished one round, I did not make the progress I hoped on the second and skipped my hand stitching for three days.  That brings my total to 328 out of 337 for the year.  It’s fine.  The year end is always crazy, and there are no deadlines for this quilt.  I’ve already been working on it for at least five years, and I estimate at least three more years of it.

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Floor Decorations

Absolutely improper floor decorations, but when one does not have a design wall, the floor becomes the gathering space for projects.

My flower garden is currently wind blown (we’ve had violent and shifting winds or two days, so wind blown is an appropriate description for everything around here).  Half of it is assembled and spread over my window seat while the other half is in various bits and pieces.  Assembly is going much more smoothly than I anticipated, so I’m excited to have all the flowers neatly together and pressed.

As my leader and ender in between flowers, I’m working on my last panel to cover my work cart.  There are a few bits of highly treasured fabric in this one, so it will be a great piece to enjoy.
I made good progress in the box of yellow scraps this week, but unfortunately did not finish.  Maybe today?  I suspect I’ll choose the flower garden over the scraps.

I’ve spent a little time pondering my Rainbow Scrap Challenge plans for next year, but I will admit I’m currently drawing a blank.  I certainly need to produce something from my 2” scrap box, as it is full to bursting.

Hopefully today I will also get pictures of my finished quilts and post them soon!

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.

Friday, December 2, 2022

December UFO List

My lovely triangle quilt was finished this month along with a brand new optical illusion quilt.  I also started and finished a bojagi panel.  There’s another bojagi panel that needs one more row, so it will be an easy December finish.

1. Double wedding ring
2. Pillow
3. ABC appliqué 
4. Hand hexagons
5. Pink hexagons
6. Flower quilt
7. Blue bojagi panel

November 1: 7 projects
Started: 2
Finished: 2
November 30: 7 projects

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.