Sunday, March 19, 2023

Stash Report Week #11 and 15 Minutes

 I finished a small Bojagi panel for my window this week.  I’m quite happy with all the scrappy bits and the light shining through the panel.  It is, regrettably, a little too long for the window, but I’m not willing to cut it.  Once I wash it and it shrinks a bit, I’ll see what happens.

IN this week: 0 yards
OUT this week: 1 yards

IN YTD: 19 1/4 yards
OUT YTD: 15 yards
YTD Total: 4 1/4 yards IN

I remembered to hand stitch every day of spring break despite the crazy of my lovelies being at home.  I’m at 77 of 77 days for 2023.  My pink star is all done, leaving me only two more before I get to plan the layout (and maybe choose a new traveling hand project!).

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Spring Break

This week was Spring Break.  In general, it was uneventful.  Miss G went to Colorado with my mom to visit my sister.  We worked in the garden and planted potatoes.  I walked the puppy (a lot).  I quilted straight line for hours and hours!

I’m pondering a new optical illusion variation.  (No, I’m not quite done with them.). Green, of course.  Do I use the dark or light gray?

I quilted my V quilt.  I broke more needles (machine and side threading hand needles) than I have ever broken in a single quilt.  I was trying to be very careful, but still when I shifted the quilt and buried threads, I clearly had issues.  The front intentionally doesn’t show any quilting, so it looks the same.
I do really like the back of the quilt.
My green squares are all in four patches, and some are already sewn into halves.  The stacks are quite large, so I will end the month with another lovely pile of blocks.
I am most pleased by my bojagi panel finish.  I caught it last night before the sun went down, so we can all enjoy the stained glass effect.  Right now, the morning sun is shining through it, and it is equally splendid. The scraps are mostly hand dyes, and I love all the texture.  I learned a new skill, called a bat knot (bakjwi maedup), so there are a few of those too.  I need to put in a lot of practice before these look quite right, but they are a interesting new to me way to use scraps.

Off to do binding!  (And to read some blogs for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge)

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.


Monday, March 13, 2023

Finished Quilt: Take Two

 Ah, google, thanks for the reversed pictures.

Allow me to present the backing first.  It is a ridiculous sparkly Michael Miller fairy frost, intended for a project that never made it to cutting stage.  The guts of my machine needed a thorough cleaning after quilting.  A strip of purple made the backing just the right size.  You can also see my quilting here, simple arcs through the blue-green pieces.

This version varies from the original in that I flipped the values.  Instead of dark purple with dark blue-green, it was paired with the lightest shade.  I like how it makes blurry the section of the quilt where the middle shades meet.

I also changed my cutting, so the smallest cuts met in the middle instead of the corners.
I’m fairly confident I’m not done with optical illusion quilts just yet, but I think I have a few more projects to finish first!

from the room of Zana’s Ninis, katie z.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Stash Report Week #10 and 15 Minutes

 I finished my Take Two (Optical Illusion) quilt this week, but I then purchased 3 yards of black for binding and a future project.  Such is life in a healthy stash, right?  I am still headed in the right direction.

IN this week: 3 yards
OUT this week: 4 yards

IN YTD: 19 1/2 yards
OUT YTD: 14 yards
YTD Total: 5 1/4 yards IN

I used up two spools of thread this week as well, for 7 spools used in 2023.

My pink star is moving along nicely, with over half the final round attached.  I hope to finish it this week! I think my totals are 70 days of 70 days for 2023.

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.

Saturday, March 11, 2023


Box blocks didn’t get much attention this week in terms of sewing time.  I did get them all cut out.

Most of my sewing time this week was focused on this lovely (not scrappy) flimsy.  I had to remove all the papers and decide on a layout.
I did make a scrappy green backing for it and even cut the batting.  Now, quilting is still up in the air.  I’m sure it will show me all my errors!

I did get all my green 2.5” squares sewn to white squares.  The piles went on forever!  I suspect I may have more green than I had blue or pink.  Hmm.

It’s spring break this week and Spunky turned 15 yesterday, so who knows the chaos this weekend will bring!

from the room of Zana’s Ninis, katie z.