Sunday, August 2, 2020

Stash Report Week #31 and 15 Minutes

The hand stitching consisted mostly of binding this week, but I’m still stitching away.  206/214 for the year!

The binding completed BJ’s for quilt, so I have some yardage out for the week.  Having one more project off the quilting list is a good idea at this point, since we’re starting school tomorrow and I imagine we’re going to be busy getting into a routine!  I’m also glad to have “redeemed” myself a bit from last week’s splurges.  The fabric cart is a bit full, and I do mean to keep all my fabric in it, so sew I must.  I have already pulled out several new pieces to make masks for my nieces, who need solid masks for school in September.  The mask-making never seems end.

IN this week: 0 yards
OUT this week: 11 1/2 yards

IN YTD: 99 yards
OUT YTD: 147 yards
YTD Total: 48 yards OUT

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.


Kate said...

A good week for the stash report and on the stitching front. I don't envy you the home schooling duties. Hopefully you can get into a good schedule pretty quickly. Good luck!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Congratulations on finishing the quilt. I wish you well with getting into the school routine.