Sunday, August 30, 2020

Stash Report Week #35 and 15 Minutes

Since we had an emergency trip to Colorado this past week, I hustled through quilting the Due South quilt, then worked hard over the last few days, between the kid wrangling and such, to finish the binding.  Last night, we spread the new quilt on my niece’s bed, she was pretty thrilled.  Her name and a few other messages are quilted into her quilt for her!

I think it’s a touch wide for her bed, but I wasn’t in the mood to fiddle with measurements, so this is what it looks like.

 Most of my handwork was the binding of this quilt and the hand quilting of my Teal Mini Swap.  I have done handwork 234/242 days for 2020.

IN this week: 0 yards
OUT this week: 15 yards

IN YTD: 99 yards
OUT YTD: 175 yards
YTD Total: 76 yards OUT

from the room of Zana’s Ninis,
katie z.


Meloney said...

What an adorable project and a cute neice.

Kate said...

Congrats on a very pretty finish. It's big enough she can grow a bit and the quilt will still fit her. Congrats on being able to fit in any stitching time, life has certainly had it's surprise for you the last few weeks (well maybe months?).